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F*** New York Just a Bit More on Anchor

This week on Free Markets, Green Earth, Nicky P. and the Liberty Hippie find themselves entangled in more legislative non-sense from the fine state of New York, and they’re not talking an individuals $500k water bill, or plastic bag bans. This time the two discuss New York’s proposed farm bill that has been lingering in Albany for almost fifteen years, but thanks to State government all falling to one side, it’s likely that the state of New York will no longer allow individual farm workers to negotiate their own work conditions. The new bill will require farmers to pay workers overtime, introducing a slew of problems for both workers and farm owners. Nicky P. and the Liberty Hippie examined the different sides of the argument, discussed the numerous problems this legislation poses, and of course, examined why this bill won’t actually help workers, but will help the State.

  • NYS Senate Bill S2837
  • NYS Assembly Bill A2750
  • ‘We Are All Human Beings’: How farm labor rights bill could change NY agriculture
  • Republicans call for more public hearings on legislation that could hurt family farms
  • Local farmers say current farm overtime bill creates complications
  • Farm labor bill cost farms $300 million
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